Clan Objective Push - Dark Elixir

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Clan Objective Push - Dark Elixir

Post by Lord Marshal on Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:00 pm

Hello all,

We have agreed that due to the need to upgrade hero's and save up, we issue the request to LIMIT the donating/requesting of DE troops unless for war. This will help preserve everyones DE. We also request everyone to continue to raid actively for DE, from experience I would recommend Gold League I.

Common strategies to steal DE, since we no longer can use lightning to steal, is cheap but targeted troop deployment. Feel free to share strategies and troop mix in the Strategy Room of the forums. I personally use hero's + 15 giants + 6 wb + 25 archers + 15 barbs + rest gobs to steal. I do not use dark troops or spells to save. I will spend my elixir loosely on my quest and keep stocked up heal and jump spells.
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