Clan Push for Hero Upgrades

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Clan Push for Hero Upgrades Empty Clan Push for Hero Upgrades

Post by Lord Marshal on Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:10 pm


My first objective is to stress the importance of leveling up both your heroes (mainly the queen), now more than ever. The best recommendation I have is they both need to be at least level 10 before going to TH9 and level 15 to TH10. As you all know, their strength/defense/and ability increases greatly at every 5 levels. I have noticed a huge strength boost in heroes after they hit level 20. Start raiding/farming for DE and keep them leveling up. It helps you with farming, war, and benefits us all.

By TH9 - Minimum level 10 for each hero
By TH10 - Minimum level 15 for each hero

Goal at any level is to be at level 20+ for each ASAP.
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