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Post by Lord Marshal on Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:29 pm


I want to take an opportunity to clarify and describe the structure in our clan. I think the Founders & Council can agree with me that we started this game and clan to have fun clashing. We don't desire power, but leaders naturally fall into place. The view of this clan is simple. We only accept a strong/loyal few legends and they can only stay if they are active, donate, and fight well in war. Given that time has passed and they have continued these qualities; they are eligible to become a clan Elder. This position is reserved for our most loyal elites. Elders can recruit and kick people, the same power as a co-leader (they just can't kick other ranking people out). Our Council of Co-leaders is currently reserved for 7 Co-Leaders who have been Elders and show initiative to earn the title. The Co-leaders are the decision makers and lead by example. This includes recruiting, making calls in war, being active in forums and chat.

If our clan grows, we can look at more promotions. Remember we can have as many Elders we want, but they must meet the criteria. There can also be demotions due to drama, inactivity, or bailing. Below is a minimum list of qualifications for the ranks we look at before deciding.

1. Active in COC chat and clan forums?
2. Good level of donations (ratio 2:! is better)?
3. On average, achieves a good level of stars in war? including using both attacks?
4. Recruits?
5. Time with clan?

1. All the above?
2. Leads by example?
3. Drives to make clan better?
4. Helps teach others of strategy and game play?
5. Fair in judgements?
6. Time with clan?

Our new protocol for promotions is by voting. Votes may be submitted by the entire Council of 10 (3 Founders, 7 Co-leaders). We need a minimum of 6/10 yes votes to approve the promotion. Demotions can be handled in the same way, however, due to clan security a demotion can be immediate to preserve the clans best interest.

I hope this answers any questions people may have as we continue to grow stronger.

Lord Marshal
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