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What do you feel you upgraded higher if you could have earlier?

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Post by Lord Marshal on Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:09 am

We are all at different levels with different experiences. Post your best advice for a beginner and/or people at lower TH than you.

I am at a TH10 level 125 now. I remember my transition to TH8 and TH9 as both rewarding and challenging. TH8 was great, but wished I maxed all my defenses and got to level 8 walls as well before going to TH9. My philosophy from TH1-Th9 was always continue to have any troops or spells always being upgraded no matter what. This helped a lot with raids and wars too. TH9 was my favorite and I wish I did like many other great players and stay TH9 and max out into Level 110-120 before going to TH10. TH10 has the greatly desired infernos which do truly help with defense and worth the upgrade.

BEST ADVICE: Have all 3 resource rivers working 24/7. This means continue to upgrade troops (elixir), upgrading any and all defenses/walls (gold), and upgrading your hero's (dark elixir). All three of these need to be always improving to be successful.

As we have started to research and agree with is that successful clans have tapped into level 30-40 hero's for successful attacks. I am not kidding when I say a level 30-40 hero can walk all over a base without much support. How do you get there? Its a LONG road, but like my advice above - if you are always upgrading you will get there. You get the queen at TH9 which sets you back. So when you are a TH8 try to get your king to level 10 if at all possible by the time you go to TH9. During TH9 its time to play catch up with the queen, get her to level 10 ASAP. She is the most important and takes priority over the king.

Goals to achieve at the TH levels below before going to the next -

Currently Townhall 8:
Get walls to level 8, Barb King to Level 10, max level on troops, and max defenses (air & teslas critical).
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If everything is maxed out and you farm, DE goes to continued upgrades to king and elixir/gold goes to wall level 9 - no major reason to go to TH9 so fast. Most maxed TH8 go to TH9 at level 90ish.

Currently Townhall 9:
Get walls to level 9, Barb King and Queen to level 10 minimum, max all troops and defenses (air & teslas critical)

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Currently Townhall 10:
Barb King and Queen to level 20 minimum, max troops and defenses.

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